Our work

Esco Ltd., founded in 1989, is the leading tender consultant and financing facilitator chosen by domestic small- and medium-sized enterprises. We offer several solutions for our clients regarding lending, subsidies and investment. When necessary, we also participate in project planning and even prepare accounts and reports.

Our qualified staff members, office environment, technological competence and the supplementary services provided by our group are key to our accurate work.

Arranging financing

We find the source of financing that corresponds to our clients’ profiles and planned projects and prepare a tender strategy that is suitable for the company, including the set of conditions defined in the appropriate tender, the commitment and the cost structure. We provide our partners with our expertise and a dedicated contact person for the entire duration of the project.

Tasks included:

  • pre-qualification;
  • reviewing the tender system and processes with the client;
  • setting up a tendering strategy and choosing the optimal invitation to tender;
  • preparing and submitting the tender, supplementing missing documents and managing clarifying questions;
  • tender management, preparing financial accounting documentation; and
  • monitoring.

Project management

Within the framework of project management services, we provide our clients with full coordination and implementation of tender projects – from fulfilling the undertaken conditions to financing and accounting costs to the implementation.

Tasks included:

  • draw-down of advance payments;
  • drawing up and scheduling project tasks;
  • information management;
  • change management;
  • keeping contact with the organisations involved;
  • performing obligatory communications activities;
  • cost and risk control;
  • checking the deliverables;
  • preparing reports; and
  • contract administration and documentation tasks.

Arranging financing

Managing financial processes and providing the necessary resources in a timely manner and in a sufficient amount places a serious burden on SMEs. Due to our decades of experience, we are able to arrange larger amounts of investment or lending for our clients.

Our participation in the development of the complete business and financial plan, as well as other documentation, is also an advantage for those who require capital or resources. We pay particular attention to carrying out the financial assessment of the company, developing the background for financing the project and ensuring liquidity – all during the tender preparation phase.

Tasks included:

  • financing audit;
  • planning and implementing resource-generating and financing tasks;
  • making a proposal on the ideal financing model, the optimal method of raising equity, and selecting the most suitable partners for the company;
  • providing help in filling in the forms to be filed with investors and credit institutions, expediting the administrative processes;
  • assessing available options for acquiring loans and raising capital;
  • preparing financial requirements for tenders, carrying out their implementation and closing them; and
  • if necessary, arranging pre-financing.

Consultancy on international trade: entering markets, export market consultancy.

Entering foreign markets is a serious, long-term strategic decision for most companies. Adjusting production or service capacities is necessary, as is preparing for the required administrative and legal tasks. Esco Ltd. has several international partners and, with their help, we can provide our clients with relevant, first-hand market review.

Tasks included:

  • investment activity screening;
  • market research, market analysis, developing international trade strategies (type of exporting, scheduling, marketing promotions, legal restrictions etc.); and
  • consulting regarding market access and setting up a company abroad.

We know how…

Based on our experience in consulting corporations, we have created a consulting manual, which guarantees the high quality of our work. We offer tailor-made consulting products for all companies, with revenues from HUF 10 million to HUF 10 billion. In the course of our activity, we have specialised in the following areas:

Business planning

Business planning is one of the main methods used by companies for planning, in which it is possible to establish short-term (operational), mid-term and long-term (strategic) goals, and also define how to achieve them, with what schedule. With a business plan, a company can gain significant economic and management advantages, and prevent future loss and risks. Additionally, rolling plans not only ensure the continuous operation of a business, but make it predictable as well. Changes in activity should also be supported by a business plan.

Marketing promotions

Our company has developed several marketing strategies over the past few years, both with the purpose of analysing the domestic market and assessing the situation on foreign markets. In addition to developing strategies, our work includes their implementation as well.

  • Identity development
  • Defining and analysing target groups
  • Preparing marketing plans and strategies
  • Market research (at home and abroad)
  • Automating marketing processes
  • Website, blog and webshop development
  • Setting up social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +)
  • AdWords campaigns
  • Creating advertising campaigns and viral videos
  • SEM, SEO
  • Re-marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Content development, copywriting in accordance with the rules of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Creating PR films
  • Webshop marketing

Investment assessment

The success of an investment depends not only on the quality of the acquired asset or the estate built, but also on conscious planning. During the assessment of an investment, we consider its

operating profit and operating costs, as well as financing options, while also aiming to streamline the investment budget.

BPR – improving organisational efficiency, screening organisations

Although it is possible to save a lot on payments to personnel, at most companies, income is dependent upon these costs. Therefore, managing human resources is critical. As a result of our work, you may save labour force, or increase the performance of your company with the same input. We also explore the strengths and weaknesses of the company, find its reserves, see what hinders cooperation and making decisions, what the cause of low accountability is, and where the take-off points can be found.

Reviewing your costs and procurements, we assess each element, defining how much they bring in, how much they cost, and with the help of our knowledge of the markets, we make a proposal on what to purchase, where and how. These services could also lay the foundations of introducing a new IT system.

Business coaching, training – management training – organisational development

Our company organises trainings for clients in subjects related to our fields of expertise, in the form of both individual management training and group training. Villa Székely Training House (www.villaszekely.hu), a member of our group, provides the appropriate venue and technology for trainings and conferences. Our instructors are specialists, holding BA and MBA degrees. We are trainers certified by the Structural Funds and Cohesion Funds Training Coordination Centre of the Ministry of National Resources.