Our staff

Endre Székely


I have extensive experience in business planning, innovation management and project financing, as well as international trade consulting. I believe that we can change the tendency we see today – it is easier to find resources for a multi-billion dollar project than to find financing for a 20 or 50 million HUF product development project created by a small enterprise.

Melinda Perényi


I graduated from the Business Administration and Management programme at Kecskemét College’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, and I have been working at Esco Ltd. as a project leader since 2006. I mainly manage IT, innovation and technology development projects, and I actively participate in their preparation and implementation as well. I believe that with adequate support, these projects can be successful in any corner of the country, and we will not leave lagging regions behind.

Noémi Tóth


I graduated from the Finance and Accounting programme at Károly Róbert College in 2010. Later, I passed a Certified Public Accountant Examination as well. I am currently responsible for all tasks related to accounting and taxes, and I also consult clients regarding these issues. I believe, and I have experienced, that for a company to be successful, being up-to-date about the continuously evolving legislation is crucial.

Zsuzsanna Keszthelyi


I graduated as an economist in Agrobusiness and Rural Development Engineer (with a specialisation in Regional Development) at Szent István University in 2010. Over the past decade, I mainly helped civil society organisations by writing and fully managing EU and domestic tenders, as well as providing financial management. I find grassroots initiatives exceptionally important, as well as community organisations that promote a sustainable lifestyle.