One of our key clients is VEGYTERV IS Industrial Solutions General Contractor Zrt, a chemical company from VEGYTERV Zrt Group, a multidisciplinary design company active for more than 50 years. Its strategic market is the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the energy industry, where they aim to find the best opportunities focusing on the solutions expected by customers. The key strategy of the company is to develop its research activity of high added value.

Thanks to the subsidies obtained with the help of Esco Ltd., VEGYTERV IS Zrt is currently implementing the two following research projects:

  1. Developing the MUDMAX chemical procedure for managing cuttings, and creating the prototype for the equipment. The research project is implemented with the help of a 278 million HUF EU subsidy.
  2. Developing a cost-efficient process for reducing air and smell pollution with cold-plasma technology The project, financed by the Hungarian National Research Fund, is implemented with the help of a 103 million HUF subsidy.